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Getting Reconstruction Right and Wrong: Lessons from Iraq. By Hideki Matsunaga

Bitter experiences of reconstruction in the last two decades have made the international community hesitant to engage in robust reconstruction activities. Iraq’s reconstruction after the United States-led invasion in 2003 contributed significantly to this reluctance. Between 2003 and 2014, more than $220 billion were spent on rebuilding the country. Despite the huge a

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Decentralization and its Discontents in Iraq. By Mike Fleet

Summary In Iraq the issue of decentralization tends to kick up a flurry of activity and discussion whenever Law 21 is amended or a governor attempts to create a new region. Otherwise though, federalism only draws attention as it relates to Baghdad-Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) relations, oil revenue sharing, or both. However, while federalism rarely lends itself to mea

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Rebuilding Iraq: Prospects and Challenges. By Abbas Kadhim

Reconstruction in Iraq cannot be achieved without universal reconciliation, economic and education reform, and equitable application of the rule of law The deterioration of Iraqi infrastructure predates the U.S. invasion of 2003. The Iran–Iraq War (1980–88) forced the regime to divert most available resources to military-related spending and cut back on new projects. As a resu

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