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IRC: East Mosul, Iraq Labor Market Assessment

Executive Summary Objectives In an effort to gain a preliminary understanding of the current labor market conditions in East Mosul in the aftermath of the military operation to retake the city from ISIS control, this labor market assessment seeks to provide insights into the market context for the purposes of humanitarian and early recovery response. The goals of the labor

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Helfont: New Book on Saddam, Islam, and ISIS

Samuel Helfont draws on extensive research with Ba'thist archives to investigate the roots of the religious insurgencies that erupted in Iraq following the American-led invasion in 2003. In looking at Saddam Hussein's policies in the 1990s, many have interpreted his support for state-sponsored religion as evidence of a dramatic shift away from Arab nationalism toward politica

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Economics books in 2017. By The Enlightened Economist

Download PDF: economics-books-in-2017-by-the-enlightened-economist Here is my annual round up of titles that look interesting from the various spring catalogues (I’ve noted a few of these in separate posts before but it’s always handy to gather them together). There are quite a few enticing titles in the Princeton University Press one (my own publisher). Cass Sunstein has&n

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