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Iraqi Oil: industry evolution and short and medium-term prospects. By Ahmed Mehdi

Iraq has been a key contributor to OPEC liquids growth, with IOCs in southern Iraq having added approximately 1.7–1.8 mb/d (million barrels per day) in the period 2011–16. With renewed focus on medium-heavy sour markets in light of OPEC output policy, geopolitical supply-side disruptions and Asian refining dynamics, Iraq’s future role in oil markets is of critical importance. T

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IEN Participates on Iraq Petroleum 2019 as Media Partner

Iraq Petroleum 27–28 June 2019 | London, UK Iraq’s Leading Discussion About Its Strategic Energy Developments. Iraq Petroleum is established as the only strategic event bringing together the Iraqi industry leaders with key international players on a neutral platform to discuss the role of Iraq as a major oil and gas player. Proudly working with the&nb

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Iraq could see new revenues from its troubled power sector, but bureaucracy remains a major hurdle, executives say. By Natasha Turak

Iraq may be on the cusp of a revenue windfall after losing billions of dollars annually due of its insufficient oil production facilities, according to investors. Development goals include capturing gas flares, or the gas burned off during oil production, to convert into usable energy and which Siemens estimates could save Iraq $5.2 billion over the next four years. Wor

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Iraq’s Kurds Add Capacity to Oil Pipeline to Export Kirkuk Crude

  Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurds upgraded their oil export pipeline to accommodate future production growth from their region as well as from the contested Kirkuk area controlled by the central government in Baghdad. The Kurdistan Regional Government completed improvements to the pipeline to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan, Turkey, by installing another pumping station in

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Rosneft’s Iraqi Kurdistan oil and gas play angers Baghdad -Kremlin-controlled oil major ignores political obstacles to throw KRG $3.5bn lifeline

When the Iraqi autonomous region of Kurdistan went looking for someone brave enough to pump billions of dollars into developing its large oil and gas reserves, it found a man who has never been accused of lacking courage: Igor Sechin, an old friend of Russian president Vladimir Putin. The chief executive of Rosneft, Russia’s state-owned oil company, has ignored fears of conf

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