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Zain Iraq: Putting faith in youth

Ali Al Zahid, CEO of Zain Iraq, is confident that the youth-centric telecomms operator's digital investments will pave the way for a brighter future for the company as well as the country Al Zahid thinks that it’s essential for the government to involve major companies like Zain Iraq in discussions that affect the economy, given the fact that these organisations make a signi

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A few months into his term Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi laid out his vision for reforms in front of global leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos. By the summer of 2015 his political reforms had grabbed all the headlines, overshadowing the reforms he was bringing to the military and economy. But as the fight against Da’ish draws down, the focus has turned back t

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Noah’s Ark – Specialized Incubators

Noah's Ark is a unique Iraqi initiative to alleviate unemployment among youth by institutionalizing youth entrepreneurship. At Noah’s Ark, we have plans to establish Specialized Incubators dedicated to specific tasks as follows: Developing project blueprints for highly viable projects that are well analyzed technically, operationally, and economically. These project bluepri

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The growth of the Iraqi tech ecosystem. By Hal Miran*

Uncovering innovation in unexpected places, the Bite.Tech team is breaking open Iraq’s budding tech entrepreneurship scene It might be surprising to know that the region of the Middle East has become a blossoming entrepreneurial and tech startup hub. From Jordan to Lebanon and Iran to Egypt, the region has made significant progress with innovation driving tech startup growth

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