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So many Iraqi airports, so few planes. By Wassim Bassem

A view of Baghdad International Airport, Iraq, uploaded Dec. 26, 2013.  (photo by Baghdad International Airport/Facebook) BAGHDAD, Iraq — Even if it were true that Sumerians built the first airport at Nasiriyah in 5000 BC, as Iraqi Transport Minister Kazem Finjan claimed in October, they would be shocked at the state of Iraqi aviation today. While Kazem said Iraq's early set

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Iraq’s Independent Power Plants in Perspective. By Isam AlKhalisi*)

In the second half of February 2014, Iraq’s government approved the award of two licences for private investment in two combined cycle electricity generation plants totalling 4,500 MW in capacity. More information on the particulars of these deals was revealed by senior members of the government at a conference in Dubai that same month reported in the specialist media. The bas

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