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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This report was commissioned by UN Environment’s Economy Division in cooperation with Frankfurt School-UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance and produced in collaboration with BloombergNEF. CONCEPT AND EDITORIAL OVERSIGHT Angus McCrone (Lead Author, Chief Editor) Ulf Moslener (Lead Editor) Francoise d’Estais Christine Gr

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Iraq Faces its Next Crisis: Water. By Yerevan Saeed *

While the very earliest civilizations in Iraq grew up around the gifts of the Tigris and Euphrates, millions of Iraqis from the North to the newly revived southern Marshes are at risk from the actions of Iraq’s northern and astern neighbors. Turkey and Iran’s increased limiting of water of the Tigris and its tributaries flowing into Iraq has finally caused the country to reac

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Iraq oil pipeline comes with major environmental costs. By Adnan Abu Zeed*

Adnan Abu Zeed

  BAGHDAD — On July 21, farmers complained about a gas pipeline dredging their farmlands. The pipeline carries gas from Iran to Baghdad through Bismayah, which is located in southeast Baghdad. Meanwhile, reports on May 22 revealed that the pipeline caused damage to an archaeological site under which it passes.   On March 17, 2016, Iran announced the completion of a

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Can Iraq reach dam agreement with Turkey to protect marshes? By Adnan Abu Zeed

BAGHDAD — Severe drought is affecting agricultural lands across Iraq because of the low levels of river water. Iraqi officials have raised the alarm on the negative impact of the Turkish Ilisu Dam on the Tigris River, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016. Iraqi Minister of Water Resources Hassan al-Janabi and other politicians have been vocal on this matter.

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Wetlands into Drylands: Finances, Security and Mother Nature Conspiring Against Iraq’s Southern Marshes. By Raad Salem

The buffaloes that Jabbar Hassan farms moved too slowly across the marshland. They looked tired and too thin; seven had already died because it was too hot and the marshes where they live are becoming too dry. A severe drought is impacting on the Jabayesh marshes, where Hassan and his family live in southern Iraq; Jabayesh lies about 95 kilometres east of Nasiriya, the capital

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