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Promoting Investment in a Fragile Context: the OECD Iraq Project

FOREWORD  In 2007, the Government of Iraq requested OECD support to help identify and support policy reforms through research, policy dialogue, and capacity building. Since then, the OECD Iraq Project has assisted the Iraqi government in a wide range of economic policy initiatives in the areas of infrastructure finance, developing and implementing economic zones, and public pr

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BP Energy Outlook 2016

Introduction and executive summary 4 Base case Primary energy 9 Fuel by fuel detail 19 Key issues What drives energy demand? 44 • The changing outlook for carbon emissions 48 • What have we learned about US shale? 52 • China’s changing energy needs 58 Main changes Key uncertainties 71 • Slower global GDP growth 74 • Faster transition to a lower - carbon world 78 • Shale oil and

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Iraq Energy Outlook

This report examines the energy outlook for Iraq, the way in which energy can contribute to the country’s much-needed social and economic development over the coming decades and the way in which Iraq’s energy can affect global oil and gas markets. Chapter 1 sets the scene with an analysis of Iraq’s energy sector today and the role that it plays in the national economy, supporte

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